God is amazing

So lately gods really been trying to work on my heart and Pulling me towards him and Ive been kinda going back and forth and i have been talking with a friend and this person said you know what is right and you just have to make the choice and i am trying really hard it just can be hard sometimes so i am working on waiting on god and listening to him.


My Friend

God is soo amazing in every way i just love talking about him. So tonight i was talking with a friend and we were talking about our past and we have a ton of things that we have been through that are in commen and we were just encouraging eachother and saying nice things and i just am so happy god put people in my life like this girl i talked to tonight who cares and loves me even though we just met not to long ago and dont know that much about eachother we seem to know alot and have alot in commen.  And i just wanted to say God is so amazing i couldnt even imagine my life without him he has brought me through some really hard and tough times and i have been able to bring myself back up to a good place with him in my life and not pushing him away and out of my head.

New year

The new year is coming up and i would have to say I have had many ups and downs but i would have to say i have Drawn closer to god and Believe that miracles are real because i have seen things to make me believe it before this year i have heard about all this miracle stuff and i never really thought about it until i Actually saw god move and heal people that couldn’t even walk and it just really has amazed me what good things have happened in my walk with god this year And even though i may have my Sukey crappy times i always know god is right beside me and its so amazing to have God in my life i am thankful that my mom is a christian and i grew up in church because i don’t know where i would be in my life right now if i didn’t have god he has done so much in my life and I’m happy that I’m not lost without God.

And for this new year I know God is going to work trough me in amazing and wonderful ways and i cant wait to see what god has in store for me and this year and even the rest of my life god is amazing and again i don’t know what i would do without him. i know that i will still have ups and downs this year but its life so that’s okay what would life be like without ups and downs anyways i don’t think it would be good… cuz god created us for a purpose and it wouldn’t work without ups and downs so i know we will still have are bad times and It may feel like there’s no hope but there is always hope with God and so there is always hope if you have god in your life. and for the bad times things are not always going to be good even with god in your life but god can always help you with your hard times..

and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m always here To encourage anyone or just be a friend who listens i love doing that.

Much love


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